Innovative, competent, reliable! Your formula for success!

In order to market a drug successfully, the choice of a dosage form plays an essential role. Active ingredients and excipients form the framework for this. They have a crucial importance for the quality of the final product.
The goal of the product group 'Pharmaceutical ingredients' is to work closely together with our customers in order to rapidly produce innovative solutions. Here we can draw on more than 50 years experience in the field of galenics, especially for solid dosage forms.
As your development partner we are always up to date on regulatory changes affecting our products and we can provide you with the necessary documents to keep you on the safe side.
We can also give you competent advice about the applications of our products and in this respect we are supported by the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities of our established manufacturers.
In respect of product sourcing the long-term availability of products gives you reliability for those formulations where you as galenical experts must think in "ethically" long periods. What's more, you can rely on the same product quality around the globe ­ that is guaranteed by us and our manufacturers.

New: Takeover of the distribution rights for capsules in the field of Pharma and Food Supplements

Lehmann&Voss&Co., Hamburg, offers capsules of the manufacturer Health Caps India, Ltd. with immediate effect in the countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The takeover of the marketing and sales activities for this product range is an essential step towards strengthening the product portfolio of the pharmaceutical and food supplement activities and effectively rounds off the product range in the field of solid dosage forms. Further Information can be found here!

Health Caps India, Ltd. is one of the world’s largest capsule manufacturers. Apart from the widely spread hard gelatin capsules, cellulose capsules of all sizes and color combinations are offered.

New: Successful technical customer seminar at the University of Krakow organized by PG Pharma 

Under the title “Modern OTC Products – from idea to final product” Lehmann&Voss&Co. has organized a technical seminar on June 23rd, 2016, focusing on the development of innovative OTC medicines for self medication.

In cooperation with our strategic partner SPI Pharma and the Pharmaceutical Institute of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, one of the most renowned pharmaceutical institutes in Poland, we were proud to welcome more than 30 technologists from leading polish companies of the phamaceutical and nutraceutical industry.

Main focus of this seminar was the development of strategies and tools for innovative solid dosage forms as well as aspects concerning the use of flavours in such products. Furthermore the seminar addressed questions of production and potential equipment for the manufacturing of such dosage forms.